About Hanna


Who am I?

As my MawMaw would say, I’ve always been the “Princess of the family”.

Well, for starters my name is Hanna (obviously). Born & raised a Texas girl, I spent the first eighteen years of my life in a tiny town in the Texas panhandle – yes that’s a thing. I daydreamed most of my teenage years away, planning my escape. I have always been destined for something bigger in life. After graduating high school with 34 other classmates, I put in two and a half years attending college classes parties at Midwestern State University. I managed to scrape together an acceptable GPA and transfer to the University of North Texas to obtain a degree in fashion merchandising party harder. At 20 years old, I landed my first retail job at Victoria’s Secret where my wardrobe would be condensed to Pink sweatpants, push up bras and anything and everything black. At some point I became burnt out on receiving free panties (what!?) so I walked away with several best friends for life and joined the world of Men’s retail. I worked for Dillard’s for longer than I should have, and invested almost two years at Johnston and Murphy as the Assistant Store Manager. Once I had received my fill of entitled customers, late nights of folding clothes, climbing ladders to rearrange shoe back stock, and missing out on every holiday with my family, I made a U-turn and went back to pursuing my career as a hotel sales professional. At twenty-nine years old, I have now dedicated over six years to the hotel industry and couldn’t be happier with my career choice.

River & Stella
More than I am defined by my career, I am defined by my family. I am a daughter to two exceptional parents. I am a step daughter to the best step parents anyone could ask for. I am a sister to seven siblings, two of which are biologically my best friends in the entire world. I am an aunt to nine nieces and nephews (and counting!). I am a dog mom to my sweet, loyal, smelly Yorkipoo – Stella, and my pain-in-the-butt goofy, loving, also smelly Great Dane/German Shorthaired Pointer – River.

Bali 2018

I have lived in the DFW metroplex since 2012, and Dallas proper since late 2017. I am always in search of great local food, and I am on a permanent mission to find the best spicy margarita in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

My interests are and always have been fashion, beauty, home decor, cooking, and learning about anything possible. I consider myself a very passionate animal lover and will stop at almost nothing to find an opportunity to interact with them. I recently found my love for travel and photography as well.
In my free time I enjoy tackling DIY home improvement projects, working out, and planning anything – vacations, parties, social gatherings, the lives of other people – you name it! Of course I am always in the mood for a lazy day at home spent laying on the couch with my dogs and binge watching TV. Much like most millenials, I am also a sucker for a good true crime podcast or documentary!

I hope that as you follow my journey, you will learn to be kinder to yourself and to others, and that you will learn to appreciate life for what it is and to work your ass off to make changes where you see necessary. While the majority of my content will be food related due to my new-ish found love for cooking, I will also sprinkle in a few posts about other things I am passionate about like travel, DIY home décor, etc.  I want to project a sense of relatability, humor and realism while at the same time inspiring you to embrace your wildest dreams and turn them into reality. Mostly, I want to motivate you to go after all of the goals, visions and creative ideas that you have – for whatever reason – deemed impossible. Be brave, be kind, be inspired and be YOU.
I can’t wait to start sharing this side of my life with you all! Thanks for coming along!